CBP Sugar

A natural exfoliator​

We've been extracting sugar (INCI: sucrose) from sugar beet at our production facilities in the Netherlands for 120 years now. And it grows exceptionally well here, too. What's more, we've developed a highly efficient process that uses water, heat, and energy as part of a circular and carbon-neutral process.

CBP Sugar has been used in personal care products for a very long time, especially for body, lip, and face care. This is why our sugar is COSMOS approved, as well as being 100% natural and vegan.

CBP Sugar is essentially made up of glucose and fructose in crystalline form, which gently abrades the surface of our skin, leaving it feeling luxuriously smooth and replenished. The personal care industry uses our CBP Sugar primarily as a natural exfoliant, humectant, and moisturizer.

It's available in various grades based on crystal size. Our standard crystals are ideal for gentle body scrubs. Fine sugar crystals are more suitable for products where sensitivity is an important prerequisite, for example lip and face care products.


  • exfoliates naturally
  • retains moisture naturally
  • adds flavor
  • conditions skin


  • cleans & softens skin
  • enhances healthy complexion
  • combats aging


Cosmetics can be certified as 'natural' if they contain a certain percentage of natural ingredients. Using our approved raw materials, look no further! Our biobased ingredients for natural haircare, skincare, and shower products are the solution you're looking for.


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