Surface Cleaners

Your customers expect only the very best cleaning products for their bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, windows, and floors. Products that achieve the highest levels of hygiene in every conceivable situation and application, yet don’t harm the environment.

It can be quite a challenge, continually searching for new ingredients that satisfy all these criteria. We’re familiar with the complex range of biological, chemical, and physical properties your products need to have. This is why we’re constantly developing biobased multifunctional ingredients to help you make surface cleaners that combat deposits, limescale, and static. Or that stabilize foams and modify rheology. Or that adhere to any surface – horizontal, vertical, or inclined.

We have you covered. Talk to our surface cleaning experts today!

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James McIver

Sales & Business Development

+31 (0)165 744 287


If you want to produce a natural detergent, check out our natural, ecofriendily produced biobased ingredients. You can use our ECOCERT approved raw materials in your natural dishwashing, laundry, and cleaning products.


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