Your customers buy your haircare products because they want to style and care for their hair effortlessly and effectively. You’ve satisfied their needs with a full range of shampoos, conditioners, dyes, styling agents, and hair treatment products. But how do you respond to customers who expect higher and higher performance – deeper moisturization, richer conditioning, longer-lasting foam – while simultaneously demanding milder and eco-friendlier products?

Balancing these seemingly conflicting demands is quite a challenge, especially with increasing competition from new prebiotic and probiotic scalp-care products, but we have your back.

Discover how our biobased ingredients will keep your products top of mind and in your customers' hands (and hair). Talk to our haircare experts today!


A sensorial and eco-friendly conditioning polymer

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CBP Inulin

A gentle prebiotic polymer

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Cosmetics can be certified as 'natural' if they contain a certain percentage of natural ingredients. Using our approved raw materials, look no further! Our biobased ingredients for natural haircare, skincare, and shower products are the solution you're looking for.


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