As our bodies’ largest ‘organ’, our skin justifiably deserves a lot of tender, loving care. After all, we subject it to all kinds of harmful microbes, chemicals, and ultraviolet light on a daily basis.

Striking a balance between ‘health’ and ‘aesthetics’ is especially challenging within a skincare industry that has to bow to both science and society. Luckily, science – aided and abetted by Mother Nature – allows us to push the boundaries and give you a competitive advantage.

Discover how our eco-friendly, plant-based, and non-toxic ingredients can help you strike this balance. Talk to our skincare experts today!


Stabilizing liquids and emulsions

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CBP Sugar

A natural exfoliator

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CBP Inulin

A natural prebiotic & powerful skin moisturizer

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Sales & Marketing Manager (Personal Care & Detergents)

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Cosmetics can be certified as 'natural' if they contain a certain percentage of natural ingredients. Using our approved raw materials, look no further! Our biobased ingredients for natural haircare, skincare, and shower products are the solution you're looking for.


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