It can be quite a balancing act, dealing with increasingly restrictive legislation on what you’re allowed to use in your dishwashing detergents while continuing to meet your customers’ demands for ever-better and eco-friendlier products.

You even might feel the pressure, looking for high-performance, biobased polymers to prevent films, spots, and deposits from forming on the dishes. Not to mention other requirements such as efficient and compatible rheology modifiers for dishwasher gels. And it doesn’t stop there.

Discover how our biobased multifunctional ingredients can help you walk this tightrope. Talk to our dish detergent experts today!


A novel, anti-spotting polymer

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Boosting tablet integrity, naturally

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If you want to produce a natural detergent, check out our natural, ecofriendily produced biobased ingredients. You can use our ECOCERT approved raw materials in your natural dishwashing, laundry, and cleaning products.


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