A novel, anti-spotting polymer

Your customers judge your dishwashing detergents based on their ability to prevent filming and spotting, as well as how well they clean. Traditional oil-based ingredients are falling out of favor under increasing pressure for companies to do business more sustainably and to use eco-friendly alternatives that don't sacrifice performance.

QUATIN® is a new cationic biopolymer that has proved incredibly effective. It forms a hydrophilic surface on dishes, which helps combat spotting and filming. It's rapidly becoming the go-to, eco-friendly ingredient in the dishwashing detergent industry


  • surface hydrophilization
  • combats filming & spotting


  • spotless drying
  • shiny dishes
  • improved secondary performance

James McIver

Sales & Business Development
+31 (0)165 744 287

BetaBind-A® - Dishwashing

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