Boosting tablet integrity, naturally​

BetaBind-A® is a 100% natural waterbinding and anti-caking ingredient. We produce it as a 94% dry, free-flowing powder for use as an eco-friendly alternative to cellulose-based silica carriers. What's more, we use only the natural ingredients we obtain from drying sugar beet pulp. Zero additives or chemicals. Simply and purely the result of mechanical and physical processing.

It's an extremely eco-friendly, biodegradable, and highly efficient ingredient for use in dishwasher tabs, descaling tabs, and premixes. Our tests demonstrate just how effective BetaBind-A® is as a multifunctional ingredient, improving integrity, hardness, friability, and disintegration.


  • binds water
  • prevents caking
  • improves hardness
  • reduces friability
  • increases tablet stability
  • aids disintegration


  • improved tablet stability
  • 100% natural
  • available as free-flowing powder
  • adjustable particle-size distribution

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