We're very proud of all our products and their patents.
This motivates us to continue innovating.

"Nature's complexity is our source of inspiration."

It's simply in our nature

It was around fifteen years ago that curiosity and a drive to get more out of our crops led to our first ideas for biobased functional ingredients. These essentially involved harnessing the power and complexity of nature to the fullest extent possible.

Plant molecules are so rich and varied that we believed they'd be an starting point for developing a whole host of biobased ingredients with unique properties. And by early 2010, our work had paid off, and we'd successfully launched our very first product.

Since then, we haven't stopped innovating. Today, we're justifiably proud of our wide range of products, many of which we've patented to protect the investments we've been making over the years.

Crop valorization

It goes without saying that as the subsidiary of an agricultural cooperative we're involved in every aspect of crop production – from field to farm to factory. We're continually looking for any value that crops and residual plant-based material might provide. This is simply our duty to our cooperative members, the farmers, and our planet.

And because we're continually seeking new applications for plant-based molecules, we're constantly renewing our range of products to meet ever-changing market demand for increasingly sustainable and multifunctional ingredients.

Innovation – a team sport

Our clients' requirements and other challenges are the driving force behind our innovations. Time and time again, we're astounded by the seemingly limitless possibilities that plant-based materials offer.

We collaborate closely with clients and prospects alike, as well as universities, technology providers, and strategic business partners. Together, we turn our ideas into reality – from laboratory to pilot project to business opportunity and, ultimately, to full-fledged product. Each of which has distinct and unique properties.

Having our headquarters at the Cosun innovation center is also hugely beneficial. We're surrounded by hundreds of specialists from countless disciplines who work – day in, day out – on improvements and innovations within their respective fields. Needless to say, this inspires and motivates us to help make the world a better place by drawing on all of our own expertise and experience, too.

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