CBP Inulin

A gentle prebiotic polymer​

Besides new regulations, you also have to contend with ever-changing trends, ingredients, and formulations. It's becoming increasingly difficult to meet all these demands with traditional ingredients. Our multifunctional ingredients provide the solution. CBP Inulin (INCI: Inulin) is a prime example.

It's better known within the food industry but is making its mark in scalp care because it has such a positive effect on our skin's microbiome. Besides its prebiotic properties, it also helps you create thicker and milder and textured formulations that moisturizes the scalp, hair, and skin effectively.

CBP Inulin is extremely good for our skin, but also for the environment. It's readily biodegradable, which means it meets virtually all current legislation and regulations governing your formulations.

The food industry first started using inulin as a prebiotic several decades ago. The personal care industry followed suit when it was discovered that inulin also helped improve our skin's microbiome for a healthier scalp. But it also allows you to create milder products that moisturize and protect hair, leaving it healthier and shinier, while reducing the risk of scalp irritation.


  • acts as a scalb prebiotic
  • reduces the irritation potential of surfactants
  • it moisturizes the scalp, texturizes the formulation and coats hair


  • rebalanced skin microbiome
  • milder formulations
  • improved scalp health
  • increased hydration
  • smoother and shinier hair


Cosmetics can be certified as 'natural' if they contain a certain percentage of natural ingredients. Using our approved raw materials, look no further! Our biobased ingredients for natural haircare, skincare, and shower products are the solution you're looking for.


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