A sensorial and eco-frinedly conditioning polymer

It's a constant battle in the haircare industry to find new, eco-friendly conditioning polymers that add sensory effects to your haircare formulations. Traditional cationic (bio)polymers no longer meet rapidly changing market trends, consumer expectations, or government legislation. Not to mention the detrimental impact that many of these polymers have on the environment, especially aquatic ecosystems.

QUATIN® (INCI: Hydroxypropyltrimonium Inulin) is a new cationic biopolymer that conditions effectively, enables the deposition of benefit agents, and forms a creamy and rich foam, while checking all the environmental boxes. It's fast becoming the go-to premium-grade ingredient for the haircare industry.

QUATIN® allows you to shift away from traditional polyquaternium polymers and stand out from the crowd. It's available as an easy to use liquid in various grades and is compatible with anionic, amphoteric, and nonionic surfactants, without affecting your products' viscosity. For example, you can easily condition your sulfate-free shampoos using QUATIN®.

Transparent formulations are also possible using QUATIN®, thanks to its high water solubility and unique coacervation behavior, which we achieved by combining high charge density and an inulin backbone. And thanks to its relatively low molecular mass (3,000 g.mol), QUATIN® doesn't result in buildup, making your shampoos easier to rinse – all in all, leaving hair feeling clean, well-conditioned, and less frizzy.


  • sensorial experience
  • conditions
  • boosts foam
  • enchances deposition of actives
  • moisturizes hair


  • easy-to-comb hair
  • forms rich, creamy foam
  • transparent formulations
  • 'clean' sensation
  • preserves formulation rheology

Elke Reiter

Sales & Business Development
+31 (0)165 744 286

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