An efficient & eco-friendly cationic biopolymer

QUATIN® is an eco-friendly biopolymer derived from inulin with its own unique set of properties. By using inulin as the backbone for QUATIN®, we've succeeded in creating an ingredient for your home care and personal care products with a lower molecular mass than other traditional cationic polymers.

It drives active ingredients to surfaces, while neutralizing negatively charged surfaces and providing excellent sensory properties. Besides its high performance as a multifunctional ingredient, it's also a formidable contender in the sustainability arena – inherently biodegradable with excellent ecotoxicity and aquatic toxicity profiles.

Legislation, climate change, and customer expectations are just a few of the factors forcing you to move away from oil-based ingredients. The challenge, however, is to do so without sacrificing performance or increasing costs.

We invest heavily in product innovation. Many companies see QUATIN® as the solution for innovation in developping new haircare, shower, dishwashing, or fabric care products.

Sustainability – first and foremost

QUATIN® is produced by 'upcycling' inulin – we take industrial-grade inulin and add a cationic functional group. What's more, we control our entire supply chain – from crop to harvest and from inulin extraction and processing to cationic functionalization – at our farms and production facilities in Belgium and the Netherlands. 

We supply QUATIN® as a 40% active, water-based, preservative-free solution in different grades (varying charge density) depending on your specific requirements and applications. It's incredibly easy to use, and you can add it at any stage of your production process without altering pH value, temperature, or without affecting your product' viscosity. QUATIN® is also compatible with many types of surfactant – anionic, amphoteric, or nonionic.


You can even produce transparent formulations using QUATIN®, thanks to its unique coacervative behavior, which we achieved by combining high charge density and an inulin backbone. The personal care industry is a major user of this multifunctional biopolymer because it conditions effectively, moisturizes the body, and forms creamy and rich foam.

But its properties haven't gone unnoticed in the home care, fabric care, and industrial sectors, where QUATIN® is used to prevent spotting in dishwashers, modify surfaces in industrial applications, and soften fabrics and reduce static.


Degree of Substitution (DS)

Charge Density (meq/g)

Molecular Weight (g/mol)

Viscosity 1% @ 25 °C (cP)

Transmittance (600 nm)








  • conditions
  • boosts foam
  • enhances deposition of actives
  • reduces static
  • soften fabrics
  • combats filming and spotting
  • modifies surfaces


  • INCI name: hydroxypropyltrimonium inulin
  • CAS Reg. No. 205131-94-8
  • REACH: exempted

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