An anionic biopolymer

Carboxyline® CMI is an anionic functional biopolymer. We produce it by synthesizing a carboxymethyl group onto an inulin backbone to create an ingredient with mild sequestering, anti-scaling, and dispersing properties. Carboxyline® CMI is inherently biodegradable, which makes it a sustainable alternative to many non-biobased functional ingredients.

Many automatic dishwasher detergents, laundry detergents, and cleaning products contain Carboxyline® CMI because it helps combat filming and spotting of dishes, and redeposition of dirt onto fabric or (hard) surfaces. What's more? Carboxyline® CMI works very efficiently as an antiscalant or dispersant in various water treatment processes – membrane, cooling water, and process water systems.

Carboxyline®CMI is an anionic functional biopolymer, produced by adding a carboxymethyl group to inulin (CMI) – an ingredient with mild sequestering, anti-scaling, and dispersing properties.

We extract inulin from chicory root, grown sustainably by our own farmers and processed at our own production facilities here in the Netherlands.

A multifunctional detergent ingredient

It can be quite a balancing act, dealing with increasingly restrictive legislation on what you’re allowed to use in your home and fabric care formulations while continuing to meet your customers' demands for ever-better and eco-friendlier products.

We invest heavily in product innovation to provide you with the new ingredients you need to formulate your products. What's more? Using our multifunctional biobased ingredients doesn't mean you'll have to sacrifice performance. It's no easy task, but helping you develop your next generation of high performance sustainable detergents is our area of expertise.

A versatile water treatment antiscalant

We developed our ultra-purified grade Carboxyline® CMI to help you overcome many of the challenges you face in the water treatment industry, both technical (biofouling/scale) and environmental (surface water discharge) – regardless of whether you operate a reverse osmosis, nano-filtration, and/or sulfate removal installation.

Traditionally, biodegradable anti-scalants have been a major challange for membrane systems, because of biofouling issues, but Carboxyline® CMI solves this thanks to its low initial degradation rate, which means zero or low build-up of assimilable organic carbons (AOCs). It also effectively inhibits carbonate and sulfate scale build-up. And as an inherently and ultimately biodegradable ingredient, it also meets all environmental criteria.

Our recommendations for various applications



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Home care/
fabric care

Carboxyline 25–40 D


concentrated partially purified and decolorized liquid

Carboxyline 25 D Powder


standard decolorized powder

Carboxyline 20 LS D Powder


concentrated, low-salt and decolorized powder

Water treatment

Carboxyline 25


standard liquid

Carboxyline 25–30 UP


ultra-purified and concentrated liquid

Sustainability – first and foremost

With worsening environmental problems, demand is growing for renewable and sustainable polymers. Carboxyline® CMI meets this demand, because it's biobased and inherently biodegradable, making it a safe and ideal multifunctional ingredient for your next generation of eco-friendly formulations. What's more? It's phosphorus and nitrogen-free.


Home care/fabric care registration: ECOCERT, EPA Safer Choice, Ecolabel DID Listing #2514, CleanGredients
Water treatment certification:  NSF/ANSI Standard 60, KIWA-ATA, and FILMTEC™ SR90 nanofiltration membrane compatibility

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