Our biobased structuring agent

Betafib® is a blend of 100% natural biopolymer (cellulose) and CMC (cellulose gum) and is COSMOS and ECOCERT certified. We've designed it to help stabilize your formulations, modify rheology, and suspend (encapsulated) particles.

This makes it the ideal multifunctional ingredient for many microplastic-free home care and personal care formulations, such as body washes, shampoos, creams, scouring agents, and detergents.

It's quite a challenge achieving the right properties for your formulations – a balance between stability and rheology without the use of microplastics. Our patented, 100% natural, biobased structuring agent, Betafib®, provides just that balance

In fact, we've achieved just the right combination of rheological properties (no/low shear viscosity, shear thinning, and yield point) so that your formulations become water-like, when poured or pumped, and are stabilized and homogeneous as soon as they come to rest.


  • ensures homogeneity
  • stabilizes encaps, beads, minerals, oil droplets and particles
  • prevents flotation and sedimentation
  • clings to vertical surfaces
  • retains characteristics across wide pH range (2–10)
  • remains stable in presence of electrolytes
  • works well with surfactants and actives
  • remains stable across a wide range of temperatures
  • is highly effective


  • EPA: Safer Choice
  • INCI name: cellulose and cellulose gum
  • CAS reg. no. 65996-61-4 and 9004-32-4
  • REACH: exempted


Francesco Staps

Business Development Manager
+31 (0)76 530 3271

Betafib® is a raw material that complies to the COSMOS standard. Any material that is certified, was evaluated to confirm production and manufacturing meeting the strict standards. The guiding principles are to promote the use of products from organic agriculture and respect biodiversity, use natural resources responsibly and respect the environment, and use processing and manufacturing practices that are clean and respectful to human health and the environment. These principles overlap with our principles.

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