23 January 2020

Our PULP2VALUE project is awarded with a BBI award

Philippe Mental, BBI JU Executive Director, awarded the PULP2VALUE project with a prize for the highest number of cross-sector interconnections (KPI 1 of the BBI JU) on the BBI JU Stakeholder Forum 2019 in Brussels. For the award there were 4 nominees from over 100 projects. Within the PULP2VALUE project it was demonstrated how to process underutilized low value sugar beet PULP into high VALUE added products.

Summary of the project
Europe produces around 13 million tonnes of sugar beet pulp each year. Currently, most of this pulp finds its way into low value feed, bio-fertilizer or it is used for creating green fuel gas. By using multiple extraction techniques, PULP2VALUE will extend the high value products extracted from sugar beet sidestreams, isolating microcellulose fibres (MCF), arabinose (Ara) and galacturonic acid (GalA). The project has demonstrate an integrated and cost-effective cascading bio-refinery system to refine sugar beet pulp and identify applications for approximately 65% of its mass in high value markets, increasing its current value by as much as 20-50 times.

Cross-sectoral collaboration key to bio-based innovations
Gerald van Engelen, general manager of Cosun Beet Company – Biobased Experts and coordinator of the demonstration project is very happy about the award: “The prize is a great recognition for our hard work of the last 4 four years. Cross-sectoral collaboration is very important for successful development of bio-based innovations and value chains. We knew that already when we started, it was in our plan. So, it’s great that we also succeeded doing this during the implementation of P2V. We are happy that we were allowed to go on this journey with such excellent partners and are very glad about the outcome of the project. Although P2V ended in July 2019 it’s certainly not the end of the activities. We are working on development of the supply chains towards commercialization and the actual scale up and integration of the processes developed during the project”.

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