Threshold scale inhibitor for reverse osmosis and nanofiltration processes

Carboxyline® CMI is an anionic functional biopolymer. We produce it by synthesizing a carboxymethyl group onto an inulin backbone to create an ingredient with mild sequestering, anti-scaling, and dispersing properties.

When used in industrial water treatment processes, Carboxyline® CMI consistently achieves improved scale inhibition (even in low doses) and reduces filter cleaning requirements. This, in turn, helps reduce downtime and extends filter cartridge lifetime.

What's more? It's inherently biodegradable and does not contain phosphorus or nitrogen, which makes it safe for aquatic ecosystems. Moreover it is NSF/ANCI Standard 60 and KIWA-ATA certified, and FILMTEC™ SR90 Nanofiltration Membrane compatible.


  • inhibits inorganic scale buildup
  • aids dispersion
  • sequesters hard water ions


  • effective threshold scale inhibitor
  • biofouling safe
  • reduces cleaning requirements & downtime
  • decreases energy consumption
  • extends cartridge lifetime

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