Water Treatment

Some of the biggest challenges you face at industrial water treatment plants are scale formation and biofouling. Many companies, like yours, are turning their back on traditional chemicals, such as phosphonates and polyacrylates, in search of tomorrow’s solution.

Our Carboxyline® CMI molecule is just that solution, available today. Unique properties, biobased, and fully biodegradable. So effective and eco-friendly that you can often discharge directly to surface waters and free up capacity at your wastewater treatment plant.

Discover how Carboxyline®​ CMI provides a viable solution to your foremost challenges. Talk to our water treatment experts today!

Membrane Systems

Discharging harmful chemicals such as anti-scaling agents into surface waters is simply no longer an option. You need a scientifically based solution to tackle your foremost water treatment challenges...

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Industrial Water Treatment

Water is the source for life as we know it. It’s a scarce and valuable resource. And its use, reuse, and treatment have been in the media spotlight for many years now. Society has been...

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Innovation & sustainability


It was around fifteen years ago that curiosity and a drive to get more out of our crops led to our first ideas for biobased ingredients. These essentially involved harnessing the power and complexity of nature to the fullest extent possible.

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As the subsidiary of an agricultural cooperative, we believe it's our duty to utilize the value of our crops to the full. Every day, we look for ways to make our operations even more sustainable, leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint. 

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