The natural, stabilizing polymer

Betafib® is a biobased structuring agent that we produce using the cellulose from sugar beet pulp – a side stream from the sugar production process. It's this cellulose base that we blended with cellulose gum that helps you formulate stable, homogeneous, easy-to-apply haircare products. Principally shampoos including anti-dandruff formulations and those with pearlizing agents.

What's more, it's easy to mix during production and is compatible with a wide range of surfactants and other ingredients. Because it's highly effective even at low dosages, it also helps you reduce costs.


  • stabilizes other ingredients & formulations
  • improves formulation dosing
  • works well with other ingredients
  • exhibits pH & salt tolerance
  • biobased


  • pours & doses well during use
  • remains stable for an extended period
  • easy to use during production
  • natural based & biodegradable

Francesco Staps

Business Development Manager
+31 (0)76 530 3271


Cosmetics can be certified as 'natural' if they contain a certain percentage of natural ingredients. Using our approved raw materials, look no further! Our biobased ingredients for natural haircare, skincare, and shower products are the solution you're looking for.


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