For your low-viscosity particle suspensions

Betafib® is a natural based functional ingredient that helps modify rheology, stabilize liquid formulations, and create particle suspensions. It also makes your formulations easy to dose and spray while allowing them to be readily absorbed and rinsed. These properties play a key role in many complex liquid formulations, such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and glasshouse cleaning products.

It's highly effective even in low doses and can be combined with many other ingredients. What's more, it assures formulation stability across a wide range of pH values, electrolyte concentration levels, and temperatures. Betafib® is available as a dry, free flowing powder.


  • modifies rheology
  • aids particle suspension
  • accelerates gel strength buildup
  • remains stable at high pH values & temperatures
  • remains stable at high electrolyte concentration levels


  • stable liquid formulations
  • easy to dose & spray
  • easily clinging to substrates yet easily rinsed
  • no harm to environment or human health

Francesco Staps

Business Development Manager
+31 (0)76 530 3271

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