For your free-flowing, controlled-release powders

BetaBind-A® prevents caking and absorbs water to keep powdered products free-flowing. Its porosity makes it ideal for tablets, for example compacted fertilizers.

What's more, it helps your products release their other functional ingredients more gradually, because it disintegrates in a highly controlled fashion. This is useful in many applications, for example in protective seed and fertilizer coatings.

We produce BetaBind-A® as a 94% dry powder, using only the 100% natural ingredients we obtain from drying sugar beet pulp. And best of all, it doesn't harm the environment because it's 100% biobased, nontoxic, preservative-free, and fully biodegradable.


  • binds water
  • prevents caking
  • improves tablet hardness
  • reduces friability
  • increases tablet/coating stability


  • keeps powders free-flowing
  • improves tablet integrity
  • controls tablet/coating disintegration

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