Preventing filming and spotting​

Carboxyline® CMI is an anionic functional biopolymer. We produce it synthesizing a carboxymethyl group onto an inulin backbone to create an ingredient with mild sequestering, anti-scaling, and dispersing properties. It's these properties that help prevent filming, spotting and redeposition of dirt during dishwash cycles.

What's more? Carboxyline® CMI  is inherently biodegradable, which makes it a sustainable alternative to many of the oil- and phosphorus-based functional ingredients you may already be using in your automatic dishwasher detergents.


  • inhibits inorganic scale buildup
  • aids dispersion
  • sequesters free metal ions


  • anti-filming & anti-spotting
  • anti-redeposition of dirt
  • high calcium tolerance
  • highly compatible with other ingredients
  • highly water-soluble & fast-acting


If you want to produce a natural detergent, check out our natural, ecofriendily produced biobased ingredients. You can use our ECOCERT approved raw materials in your natural dishwashing, laundry, and cleaning products.


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