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Betawell offers biobased solutions for various industries and numerous applications. Vegetable raw materials are processed into organic acids and reactive sugars. The products are so versatile that applications range from cosmetics to food & feed to chemical industry.

Betawell special sugars and organic acids are naturally occurring rare sugars and organic acids derived from vegetable raw materials. The products are processed in a mild process that preserves their natural origin. Cosun Biobased Products guarantees the security of supply of these ingredients as the company has been processing the source materials for over 100 years. Our qualified laboratory personnel can assist you with your application, formulation and conversion needs. The special sugars range consists of arabinose in syrup and powder form  and the organic acid range consists of galacturonic and galactaric acid.

Organic acids
The organic acids range consists of galacturonic and galactaric acid.

Galacturonic acid
D-Galacturonic acid is a 100% GMO-free plant derived acid. It is directly produced from Cosun owned source materials in the controlled environment of the production facility of Cosun Biobased Products.

Galactaric acid
Galactaric acid, also named mucic acid, is the oxidized form of galacturonic acid. Galactaric acid is a di-
acid and can be used directly to produce polymers and resins.

Special sugars
The special sugars range consists of arabinose in powder and syrup form.

L-Arabinose is a versatile and reactive sugar that is suitable for applications in flavours as reducing sugar in Maillard reactions and in food & beverages as a dietary and prebiotic sweetener.

Based on the scientific evidence we are developing applications from convenience food to health food.