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Cationic biopolymers are increasingly used in homecare, I&I and personal care formulations. Their unique functionality, originating from the natural composition of the polymer backbones, results in a wide range of applications.

Additionally, thanks to the renewable and biobased character, cationic biopolymers are very suitable for ‘greener’ formulations demonstrating better performance than their synthetic alternatives.Cationic inulin (QUATIN®) is particularly good as deposition enhancer and at hydrophilization of surfaces. This bulletin presents the key benefits of QUATIN® in relevant applications.


In order to determine the performance of Quatin® in personal care products the interaction and compatibility with surfactants is key. Especially the formation of coacervates, enhancing deposition, is a key performance indicator. In graph 1 the adsorbed mass at relative surfactant concentrations is shown. Quatin® 680 (yellow line) performs the best at deposition of mass with SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) when compared with other grades or cationic guar/cellulose. The formation of coacervates and other complexes can also be used to stabilize  foams. These surfactant-based foaming properties can be stabilized and/or enhanced by Quatin®.

Graph 1. Mass adsorbed to hydrophilic silica, as a function of the SDS concentration.

Cost competitive
Cosun is able to make a cost competitive product through backwards integration, this means Cosun is also manufacturing the raw material for Quatin®. This allows Cosun to build a solid supply chain without price fluctuations throughout the year. Other cationic biopolymers based on guar/cellulose are more dependent on supply and/or seasonal yields.

First of all Quatin® is compatible with all kind of surfactants, stability with widely accepted surfactants was proven over a long period of time. Secondly the processing of Quatin® provides the user with several benefits over the current alternatives. Quatin® itself is supplied as a liquid, which makes it easier to dose and is easily hydrated. No additional heating or acidification is needed.