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Pulp & Paper - Carboxyline

CMI is a biobased alternative for threshold scale inhibitors and dispersants in water treatment. The product is highly effective against carbonate, sulfate & oxalate scales, all with high calcium tolerance. The molecule remains effective at alkaline conditions regardless of bleach presence.

The pulp & paper industry is currently facing two major challenges: reducing the impact on the environment,  whilst striving for cost-effectiveness. These developments are not new, merely becoming more stringent.

The main drivers are:
• increased awareness on sustainability, both in society and at governmental level;
• macro-economic forces induce the reduction of operational costs.

The high usage of chemicals for both process and water treatment substantially influences costs and environmental impact. However, replacing the traditional chemistry by environmentally friendly alternatives, without compromising on cost performance, is not easily achieved.

Traditional chelants, like DTPA,  and antiscalants, like phosphonates, are subject to replacement for environmental reasons. Carboxymethyl inulin (CMI) is a biobased molecule  that has a unique combination of functionalities and can be a cost-efficient eco-friendly alternative. CMI is used as a multi-functional ingredient in a wide range of applications.