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Paints & Coatings - Betafib

Our cellulosic microfiber Betafib presents a biobased rheology modifier for use in paints & coatings. It has outstanding cracking reduction properties in water-based formulations. Other benefits that Betafib offers are high sag- & settling control and substantial VOC-reduction.

The Paints & Coatings industry is challenged by the trends in consumer and professional demands towards more sustainable and user friendly P&C formulations. Requiring ingredients for water-based formulations with eco-friendly labeling while at the same time improving functionality and quality of the final product.

The use of Betafib delivers the following benefits:
• Shear thinning
• High zero-shear viscosity
• Reduces cracking
• Improves strength and scrub resistance
• Sag control
• Avoidance of syneresis
• Anti spatter
• Compatible with minerals

• Acrylic based coatings
• Acrylic based wall paints
• Water born epoxy coatings

Available Products*
Product   MCF
Betafib 65-25 D 25 decolorized moist powder
*Selection only; more grades available.

Betafib can be applied to acrylic formulations and water based epoxy or water miscible amine functional curing agent component using a high speed mixer. Betafib can be applied directly to the mill  base or the letdown without loss of efficiency.