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Oil & Gas - Carboxyline

Carboxyline is a biobased threshold inhibitor for CO3, SO4 and silica scaling with excellent calcium and iron tolerance and high water solubility. CMI offers a unique combination of antiscaling, sequestration and dispersing properties. Synergistic effects exist with other production chemicals.

Scale control management is one of the key operating factors in the oil & gas industry. New chemistries and technologies are emerging that require innovative solutions. At the same time the demand for environmentally friendly production chemicals is increasing due to the growing awareness of sustainability in both society as well as the industry. Biobased antiscalants offer the solution for the abovementioned challenges. They improve the efficiency of oil recovery (less cleaning and better yield), while safeguarding the quality of soil and water.

The use of CMI delivers the following benefits:
• Effective scale inhibition at low dosing levels
• Excellent calcium tolerance
• Good dispersing properties
• High water solubility and fast acting
• High methanol compatibility
• Synergistic effects with other production chemicals

• Produced water treatment
• SRU operations
• Fracturing and drilling

Available Products*

Product   CMI
Carboxyline 20 20 standard; DS=2.0
Carboxyline 25 15 standard; DS=2.5
Carboxyline 25-40 UP 40 ultra purified
 *Selection only; more grades available, incl. powder and granulate.

Synergy with CMI
Various synergistic effects between CMI and other production
chemicals were demonstrated. Examples of synergies are:  
• CMI and citrate
• CMI and phosphonates
• CMI and green chelating agents
• CMI and polyacrylates

• OCNS (offshore)
• NSF Standard 60