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Oil & Gas - Betafib

MCF as viscosifier, is a 100% natural biopolymer that has a unique stability at elevated levels of temperature AND alkalinity. The presence of electrolytes has no impact on its stability.  That makes it the product of choice in drilling, cementing, fracturing applications and suppletion fluids.

Viscosifi cati on is one of the key operati ng factors in the oil & gas industry. In today’s world, making the most of every reservoir becomes increasingly relevant. As a result, service companies are facing more challenging conditions. Increased levels of temperature, alkalinity and pressure in complex matrices demand new chemistries and innovative technological soluti ons. At the same time the requirements
for environmentally friendly production and drilling fluid additives is increasing due to the growing awareness of sustainability in both society and industry. Biobased viscosifiers offer a potential solution in this challenging environment.

The use of Betaf b delivers the following benefits:
• Excellent particle carrying properties under low and no shear conditions
• Fast enzymatic breakdown
• Low dosages and synergies with clay
• One viscosifier covers a broad spectrum of fluids
    Temperature stable up to 356 °F
    Unaffected by pH from 1 – 14
    Stable under presence of electrolytes, also for heavy brines
• Ease of handling because of down hole activation whilst
remaining pumpable due to shear thinning character

• Drilling muds
• Fracturing fluids

Available products*
Product   MCF
Betafib 65-25 25 moist powder
*Selection only; more grade available.

Compatibility with electrolytes
Compati bility of Betafi b with various electrolytes was
demonstrated (up to 30%) e.g.:
• Sodium chloride
• Calcium chloride
• Sodium and magnesium sulfate
• Sodium carbonate
• Sodium metasilicate

Certifications and listings
Betafib is PLONOR listed (OSPAR).