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Industrial water treatment - Carboxyline

CMI is the ecologically safe antiscalant for industrial water treatment. Its basic functionalities offer the unique combination of antiscaling, sequestration and dispersing properties among compatibility with alkaline pH, oxidizing agents, high calcium and TDS whilst remaining soluble.

There is a growing concern and increasing awareness in the society and at governmental level regarding the environment and sustainability. This concern is related to climate change, the environment in general, future scarcity of fossil based raw materials such as crude oil and phosphate rock, and dependency for the supply of these raw materials on politically instable regions. All this is leading to policy and legislation on regional and global level to stimulate more sustainable sourcing and supply of food products, energy, chemicals and water.

In line with this, the water treatment industry is currently moving towards more ecologically friendly functional chemicals in order to reduce the environmental impact and to provide sustainable solutions for the future. This is leading to an increased market demand for environmentally friendly water treatment chemicals, e.g. antiscalants, and has also led to legislation changes that prohibit the use of certain chemicals like phosphates. The usage of other chemicals, like phosphonates, polyacrylates and EDTA, is critically reviewed. Carboxy Methyl Inulin (CMI) is a biobased molecule which offers a unique combination of functionalities and can be a cost-efficient and eco-friendly alternative. CMI is used as a multifunctional antiscalant both solely and in formulated water treatment products.