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Household and I & I detergents - Carboxyline

Carboxy Methyl Inulin is the environmentally friendly co-builder that shows synergistic effects with other ingredients. The molecule remains stable under oxidizing conditions and upholds its anti-redeposition properties as well. CMI is highly compatible in formulations.

Laundry machines and automatic dishwashers need to be protected from scaling to ensure a longer service life and achieve better cleaning performance. Detergents play a key role in this process. In addition, the market is moving towards more environmentally friendly detergents as a result of an increasing awareness of sustainability which is supported by legislation. Today’s detergents are expected to perform at low temperatures without compromising on the overall cleaning result.

The use of CMI delivered the following benefits:
• Effective scale inhibition at low dosing levels
• Anti-redeposition effect
• High water solubility and fast acting
• Excellent calcium tolerance
• Synergistic effects with other ingredients
• Good stability under oxidizing conditions
• Good enzyme compatibility

• Automatic dishwashing: tablets, powder, gel
• Laundry detergent: powder, liquid
• Alkaline cleaners: surface cleaner, carpet cleaner

Available Products*

Product   CMI
Carboxyline 25 D 15 standard
Carboxyline 25-40 D 40 concentrated
Carboxyline 25 D Powder 45 powder
 *Selection only; more grades available.

Synergy with CMI
Various synergistic effects between CMI and other detergents ingredients were demonstrated. Examples of synergies are:
• CMI and citrate
• CMI and green builders (e.g. MGDA)
• CMI and polyacrylates
• CMI and phosphonates

• Eco-label
• Ecocert
• Safer Choice by EPA: Safer Chemical Ingredient