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Household and I & I detergents - Betafib

Betafib MCF is a biobased structurant. Our unique microfiber brings exceptional stability over a broad pH-range, is also highly compatible within your formulations and brings synergetic effects with other functional ingredients. Flyer-application-benefits-HC-PC-Betafib-MCF

Liquid detergents and cleaners present a challenge to formulators in terms of structuring their compositions to provide easy-to-use and homogeneous liquids. Stability and compatibility of structurants in these formulations is the main technical challenge. At the same time, the market is moving towards more environmentally friendly detergents as a result of an increasing awareness of sustainability which is supported by legislation. Betafib offers a potential solution for all of these challenges.

The use of Betafib delivers the following benefits:
  • Homogeneous formulations that contain particles (beads, minerals, encaps, etc)
  • Pourable gels and stable liquids or o/w-emulsions
  • One ingredient covers a large portfolio
Temperature stable up to 175 °C
Unaff ected by pH from 1- 14
Compati ble with surfactants and actives
Stable under presence of electrolytes
  • Ease of handling during production and consumer use
  • Low dosage

• Liquid laundry, both detergents and fabric softener
• Cleaners for bathroom, oven, toilet bowl or drain
• Scouring creams
• Personal care products

Available Products*
Product   MCF
Betafib 65 D 6 decolorized paste
Betafib 65-25 D 25 decolorized moist powder
*Selection only; more grades available.

Compatibility with electrolytes
Compatibility of Betafib with various electrolytes was demonstrated (up to 30%):
• Sodium chloride
• Citric acid and sodium citrate
• Sodium carbonate
• Sodium metasilicate
• Sodium and magnesium sulfate

Certifications and listings
    Design for Environment: Safer Chemical Ingredient
    INCI name: Beta Vulgaris (Beet) Root Extract
    CAS-Reg.-No. 65996-61-4
    REACH exempted