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Household and I & I detergents - Betabind

BetaBind-A® is a 100% natural, renewable material. It is fully biodegradable, so it has no ecological impact on the environment. As a result of both the functional and physical properties, Betabind-A® can be a multifunctional material in your formulations. It enables formulators to further develop their products with and eco-friendly solution.

For the evaluation of tableting properties we have measured three essential parameters, hardness, friability and disintegration. In all these tests we have used industrial benchmarks in order to compare the performance of Betabind-A. As a starting point a tablet formulation with commercial relevance was used. This formulation contained Sokalan PA25 which was replaced by one of the other benchmark products. Although a polyacrylate also has other functionalities the chosen benchmark products give an indication of several performance indicators.

Sufficient hardness provided by Betabind-A, too much hardness tends to induce brittleness which is not desired. Betabind-A provides sufficient hardness and binder performance to manufacture a strong tablet.

Friability is an undesired side effect of tablets losing mass during storage, transport, usage etc. A low friability is positive, so Betabind-A can be used to make tablets with high integrity.  

Disintegration of tablets is necessary to release active components at the moment you want those to be released. In most applications a fast disintegration of the tablet is desired. The performance of Betabind-A is comparable with the commercial relevant control.

Experimental tablets