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Industries using Threshold scale inhibition

Threshold scale inhibition

Prevention of mineral scale is important in many industries, e.g. detergents and industrial water treatment. The need for phosphorus free chemistry is driving the usage of biobased, cost-effective products. CMI is a green scale inhibitor which fulfills these demands.

Scale control is a key operating factor for countless applications throughout many industries. Scale is detrimental to process variables like heat transfer, cleanliness and flow. The cost-of-non-performance are considerable.

Therefore, the use of dedicated chemistry to control scaling is common practice. Most of times the products
in use are derived from fossil based raw materials. But, since the exploration of crude oil and phosphate
rock is under pressure, not only for environmental reasons, the use of products that build upon those raw materials is also discussed.

More and more the growing awareness leads to concerns within society and governmental bodies all over the world. The focus on sustainability drives upcoming policies and legislation.

As a result, the water treatment and detergent industries show a trend moving towards more ecologically friendly functional chemicals. In order to get effective scale control, one would look for the combination of crystal growth inhibition, complexing of hardness ions and general dispersancy. The functionalities
mentioned are needed not only to control calcium carbonate scale, but have to show effectiveness against sulfate based scales that occur with calcium, barium and strontium. The product of choice will also have to tolerate a high degree of hardness and TDS. Obviously these type of molecules need to show high water solubility, broad pH-tolerance and low viscosity.

Our solution meets all these requirements, and more. Carboxyline CMI is a biobased molecule that can be used as a multi-functional antiscalant both solely and in formulated products. In the latter case carboxy methyl inulin shows synergistic effects with other functional chemicals, thus improving your product performance further.