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Maintaining the sweetness profile while lowering the glycaemic index with at least 33% and still using regular sucrose ? Our arabinose will make it happen! If added up to 5 wt% 
to sucrose, it will lower the glycaemic index thereby reducing blood sugar levels and the chances of 

Betawell special sugars are naturally occurring rare sugars derived from vegetable raw materials. The 
sugars are produced in a mild process that preserves their natural origin. Cosun Biobased Products 
guarantees the security of supply of these ingredients as the company has been processing the source materials for over 100 years. Our qualified laboratory personnel can assist you with your application, formulation and conversion needs. The special sugars range consists of arabinose and pectin based oligosaccharides.

Arabinose is normally added up to a 5wt% content to regular sugar. Arabinose causes succinase inhibition 
in the small intestine which results in a 20-30% reduction in the absorption of sucrose. At the same time the glucose produced is released into the body more gradually and thereby lowers the Glycaemic Index of the sucrose. Beneficial effects of these two mechanisms are a dietary effect, prevention of obesity, increased control of blood pressure and improvement in bowel movement. The sweetness profile of these sucrose/arabinose mixtures is virtually equal to pure sucrose.