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Humectants are substances to help retain moisture which is beneficial for maintaining the qualities of your product over time. Our Betawell Galacturonic acid is a multifunctional product for use in cosmetics. It will also act as a neutralizer towards certain odors and aromas.

Betawell organic acids are directly derived from the pectin of vegetable raw materials in a natural way. The acids fit right into the trend towards natural ingredients in cosmetics. Cosun Biobased Products guarantees the security of supply of these ingredients as the company has been processing the source materials for 
over 100 years. Our qualified laboratory technicians can support you with their expertise in formulation and application testing. The organic acids range consists of galacturonic and galactaric acid.

Both Betawell acids share the following functionality for cosmetic applications. They optimise the efficiency of active ingredients:
- As a buffering agent for pH range control.
- As a chelating agent for the cosmetic actives and natural replacement of fossil based agents like EDTA.

Betawell Galacturonic acid adds the following capability:
- As a humectant it will attract water and keep the formulated product moist. At the same time galacturonic
  acid will neutralize certain odors and aromas.