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In Maillard-reactions our L-arabinose reacts with amino acids to produce specific flavor profiles. Arabinose is available as powder and in several syrup forms. Under EU regulation 872-2012 certain syrups may be characterized as a natural process flavouring.

Betawell special sugars are naturally occurring rare sugars derived from vegetable raw materials. The sugars are produced in a mild process that preserves their natural origin. Cosun Biobased Products guarantees the security of supply of these ingredients as the company has been processing the source materials for over 100 years. Our qualified laboratory personnel can assist you with your application, formulation and conversion needs. The special sugars range consists of arabinose and pectin based oligosaccharides.

Betawell Arabinose is used for the production of sweet and savoury flavors by reaction with amino acids to produce peptides. The peptides determine the flavour profile of the product. Arabinose is more reactive and suitable as xylose. Cosun Biobased Products produces arabinose in both powder and syrup form. According to EU regulation 872-2012 arabinose containing syrups can  be labeled a natural process flavouring as long as the Maillard reaction is performed under the conditions defined in the EU regulation. Betawell Arabinose is natural and does not require an E number.