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Chemical building blocks

Polymers are used in many applications in the medical, cosmetics, packaging and chemical industry.
We can support your innovations towards new functionalities in polymer technology with biobased chemical building blocks  and our extensive carbohydrate expertise.

Betawell organic acids are directly derived from vegetable raw materials in a natural way. Production of the acids does not compete with food consumption. Cosun Biobased Products guarantees the security of 
supply of these products as the company has been processing the source materials for over 100 years. 
Our well qualified laboratory technicians can assist you with carbohydrate chemistry and analytics. Carbohydrates are used as the launching platform for a number of exciting biobased chemical building 

Portfolio Chemical Building Blocks
Cosun Biobased Products is developing a number of chemical building blocks and chemical additives based on various carbohydrates. Under development are di-acids and diols, rigid cyclical building blocks and new synthesis routes to existing and widely used (commodity) chemicals.

Applications that are looked at are polyesters, polyamides, cross-linkers, polyurethanes, polymer additives and surfactants. Focus in application development is on finding new property sets that are not offered by existing solutions. 

New developments
Cosun Biobased Products is working on new synthesis routes to develop biobased "drop in chemicals" as alternative for existing fossil based chemicals.