Cosun Biobased Products is part of Royal Cosun

Royal Cosun is a Dutch agro-industrial group of businesses that process agricultural raw materials into food and feed products with a clear focus on the biobased economy of tomorrow. For 113 years Cosun remained a cooperative; with 9,500 members,  3,400 fte and annual turnover of €1.9 billion.

Cosun is rooted in Dutch arable farming. And we are proud of it. More than a hundred years ago a group of beet growers decided to set up their own sugar factory. Their green-fingered enterprise is woven into the DNA or our businesses and into the fibre of our cooperative.
We still process the sugar beet harvest in the Netherlands but we have also developed other activities in the 'green' sectors. That is where our affinity lies, and our ambitions. We make foodstuffs and food ingredients. Developments in the biobased economy offer new opportunities to businesses that have know-how and experience in processing renewable raw materials, especially outside the traditional food sector. New products and activities include bio-plastics, natural colourings, aromas and flavourings and biofermentation to generate energy.
Plants turn sunlight into energy and store it in the form of foodstuffs such as sugars. We extract those valuable components from the vegetable raw materials in our factories. And that is not all; there are many more valuable substances in plants.
Suiker Unie processes sugar beet into granulated sugar for human consumption sells the fibres that remain (pulp) as animal feed uses the molasses to make yeast or alcohol returns the soil attaching to the beet to the farms or uses it to raise land levels re-uses precipitated salts and minerals as soil improvers uses the purified water in its own production processes or to water plants in greenhouses ferments the organic residues into biogas.
And lots more …
The process for fruit and vegetables, chicory and potatoes is comparable but the components are different. Cosun is investigating whether other valuable components can be extracted from the raw materials. We are studying ways to recover phosphate, for example, so that it can be reused. This means less fertiliser in the environment, less waste and cleaner water.

The members of the Cosun group differ in size and age but what all these dedicated businesses have in common is experience in the efficient processing of agricultural raw materials into valuable products and components for other businesses. Cosun's five business groups are Aviko, Suiker Unie, SVZ, Sensus and Duynie. The Cosun Food Technology Centre (CFTC) serves our businesses and their customers so that they can benefit from its know-how and experience in process technology, product development, analytical techniques and quality control. Cosun Biobased Products is a start-up business that develops products for the biobased economy.